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The Menomonie Sunrise Rotary Charitable Foundation is a 501c3 and an extension of the Menomonie Sunrise Rotary Club. Grants are made from the Foundation by application. Guidelines for applying for a grant are….

· Grants are made for special projects.


The Menomonie Sunrise Rotary Club reviews grant applications once a quarter

(January 15th, April 15th, July 15th, October 15th)

· The organization requesting the grant must demonstrate success in achieving their goals over the years, with plans for future growth.

· The grant must identify who will benefit from the grant and the overall impact intended by the grant amount.

· The grant application will identify any other funding sources that are being used/pursued for the intended project.

· Grant funds should have an element of sustainability such that the funds provide the benefit intended for longer than one year.

· The Sunrise Rotary grant funds are to be used only for the purposes for which the grant was made/approved. If you are awarded grant funds you agree to provide the Menomonie Sunrise Rotary Club a letter detailing the use of the grant funds within 90 days after the funds are expended.

· The Menomonie Sunrise Rotary does not require that the organization be a 501c3 non-profit to apply. The organization is required to have good leadership and a governing board that maintains the highest of standards for the organization.

· This Rotary grant program is not intended to cover the organization’s ongoing operation costs or capital campaigns.

· Grant awards will be announced at a Sunrise Rotary meeting. You may be asked to appear for the presentation of the funds. The club meets on Thursday mornings from 6:45 to 7:45 AM. We will communicate meeting details prior to the presentation date once the grant has been decided.

· Grants are awarded at the sole discretion of the Menomonie Sunrise Rotary Club and its members.

The Menomonie Sunrise Rotary is service organization focused on Community, Youth, Education, and Vocation.

· Grants awarded to an organization in one year will not be duplicated in the following year. The grant is intended as a single event.

· Maximum amounts awarded by this grant process is $5,000.

· Any questions can be directed to the Menomonie Sunrise Rotary Club at:

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